Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dollar Tree Painted Glass Plate


After I made the ‘Give Thanks’ glass plate, Summer Rae left a comment that she had seen similar plates at her local Dollar Tree and sure enough I found a whole bunch of them at one of the local Dollar Trees in my area. At $1 a piece I could afford to create a new plate for each Holiday and change of season. Be sure to visit Latasha’s blog for her Dollar Tree gift card giveaway. Hurry though because it ends soon!


I started with this 10” clear glass plate.


I had some vinyl lettering that I had never used that was the perfect size for the plate. The only catch was that I like to decorate the back of my plates to allow the embellishments to show through the front of the glass. This normally wouldn’t present a problem but vinyl letterings come with the adhesive on the back of the letters and I needed adhesive on the front of the letters. So instead of removing the backing of the vinyl letters, I removed the front paper. I then used spray glue to coat the front of the letters and applied them to the back of the plate. This technique worked but I was left with a lot of left over adhesive on the plate. I used glass cleaner to remove the glue once I thought the letters were secure but that didn’t work out so well. I suppose some of the glass cleaner got under the letters and a couple began to peel off. I had to reapply spray glue to the individual letters and attach each one to the plate. This is why some of the letters aren’t perfectly aligned. I am going to have to find a better technique next time.


Here is the plate with the crooked letters attached. I just refused to abandon this project!



I added two coats of Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Bright Coat to the back of the plate and finished it off with a coat of clear protective spray. I love this color – it is such a rich beautiful gold! I see many more future Christmas projects using this color.


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Shanty 2 Chic

Monday, November 30, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree! Part VI – The Finished Tree w/ a Quick and Easy Tree Skirt


I finished the final step in decorating my Christmas tree. I created a quick and easy Christmas tree skirt.


I started with two packages of this shimmery brown fabric mesh garland I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.


I didn’t even cut it! I just draped both pieces loosely around the tree stand. That way if I decide to use these pieces for a different purpose next year, they are still intact.


I then took some leftover ribbon and pinned it in a couple of places to the mesh garland. And there you have a quick and easy tree skirt!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bargain Find of the Week

Although this weekend is the granddaddy of shopping bargains, I really didn’t feel up to leaving the house and battling the crowds so I don’t have any spectacular bargains to share. But Latasha was hitting up a few stores on Friday and I asked her to pick up this pair of 4ft pre-lit topiary trees from Wal-mart for $25.



I had been looking for inexpensive taller topiary trees for awhile now and $12.50 each is the lowest price I have ever seen for these.


Right now I have the pair flanking my TV console and I will probably decorate them with some ribbon, but I have a feeling that they will probably grace many different areas of my home before the Christmas season is over.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


I wish everybody a joyful and blessed day! And thank you Amani for your lovely turkey hand drawing. I love you, kiddo!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree! Part V – Topping Off the Tree.

If you think I overdid it on the tree – wait until you see my topper! This topper was really an accident. For some reason, I never seem to find nice tree toppers on post Christmas sales so I have always used a bow or something else as a temporary solution until I found the perfect topper. Over the years I have accumulated a large selection of Christmas floral stems and leaves. Well last year, I decided to stick a couple of the floral stems into the top of the tree. I decided I like the look and just kept going until I had created a large Christmas floral arrangement on the top of the Christmas tree.



I start with these two glittered floral sprays. I have a plastic tie loosely wrapped around the top of the tree and I use it to hold the stems in place.




Next, I start randomly placing stems throughout the top of the tree as if I was arranging florals in a vase. I have picked up all of the stems from places like Michael’s, Target, Garden Ridge, etc. for huge discounts after the season. I have actually purchased some before Christmas at a discount because they were considered Fall clearance. So if you use a lot of browns and copper in your Christmas decor be sure to check out the Fall clearance for items that you can also use for Christmas.

IMG_5889 IMG_5888

These glittered sprays are the only things I have purchased recently to decorate my tree this year. I found these glittered sprays at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and I bought a dozen of them. I wish I would have bought them all because I went back to get some more and they were all gone. I could really use some more for my mantel garland.





I think my topper adds a good foot to my 6.5ft tree! Next – A Quick and Easy Tree Skirt!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree! Part IV – DIY Bling Ornaments

Since I am not using any glass balls on the tree, I wanted to make sure that the tree still has some sparkle. I accomplished this by making some tree jewelry.


I found these Gem Stones and Gem Drops at Z Gallerie a few years. They are acrylic instead of crystal but they are faceted and they do sparkle a bit. They could have easily been used as a vase filler but they came with holes in them also to allow them to be strung up for garland or such. So I used my jewelry making supplies and extra beads to create a number of these drop ornaments.




I think they add just the bit of sparkle I was looking for.


Next – Topping off the Tree!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree! Part III – Oversized DIY Ornaments

After the ribbon and floral picks, I start placing my large size ornaments throughout the tree.


I love to use large glass ornaments, but every year I have lost more and more of my beautiful glass ornaments due to breakage. Only the glass ones seem to ever fall off the tree! So this year I am using my glass ornaments on more level surfaces only. As a substitute I am using these large plastic ornaments I bought for $0.79 for a pack of three at last year’s Hobby Lobby’s after Christmas clearance.

IMG_5847 IMG_5851



I bought 5 packs of these and I have decorated them in different ways. I have spray painted some, embossed some, glittered some and beaded some. It was fun trying to come up with different ways to decorate them.


I also used four of these oversized crosses that I purchased at Garden Ridge’s after Christmas clearance a few years ago. I liked these so much that I went to every Garden Ridge that was within a reasonable driving distance to find more of these, but I could only find four.


I know you are probably saying to yourself that I should really stop now - add a topper and call it done. Not yet! Next – Bling Bling!


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