Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rub 'n Buff Lamp Makeover

I scored this lamp for $8.99 at Hobby Lobby's last 90% clearance sale. I adored the shape of the lamp and the style and color of the shade, but I disliked the orange tone of the lamp base.

I wanted to tone down the orange in the lamp base, but still have a little of the original color show through. So I decided to makeover the lamp using the Rub 'n Buff paint that I had been using to accent the carvings on my dining room chairs.

I used a foam brush to apply the Rub 'n Buff in Spanish Copper to the surface of the lamp. This stuff dries to the touch very quickly, so the application is very easy. Also, since the paint is a thick wax substance, there is also very little prep needed to protect surrounding surfaces. I actually did this on my dining room table with just one plastic bag under the lamp to catch any spillage in case I squeezed the tube too hard. And a little goes a very long way - I have used it on this lamp and six dining chairs and I still have plenty left.

This lamp will eventually go in the entryway that is directly across from the dining room. The entryway is painted a tan color, so I think this lamp would be perfect to pull in the deep chocolate and gold colors from the dining room.

I'm linking up to Kimba's DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.


Fawn said...

What a neat product! I've never heard of that before. The lamp turned out great!

Traci said...

That's a great deal on that beautiful lamp! You did a great job getting the "orange" out of the base of the lamp. Thanks for sharing this idea.

Suzanne said...

WHERE did you get that paint! AWESOME stuff! It sure did the trick on your lamp.

Let it Shine said...

Looks great!!!! I have the same lamp :) Got it at the Hobby Lobby off of Legacy on clearance too! :) I agree- too orange before!!

Annette said...

We shop at the same Hobby Lobby Let it Shine! The one on Legacy is 5 minutes away from my house but I got this lamp from the Hobby Lobby on Preston in North Dallas after I had visited every other Hobby Lobby in a 10 mile radius of my house during the weeks of their home decor clearance sales. The only reason it was left for the 90% sale was because someone had mistakenly put in in the aisle with the regular priced lamps. And Suzanne, the Rub 'n Buff paint also came from Hobby Lobby.

Room to Inspire said...

Ah, I love rub n' buff! It really is one of the best products ever!! The lamp looks great.


Amaco said...

Thanks for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff! I like your lamp transformatio and I'll let our Facebook followers know about it by linking to your site. Glad to hear you are enjoying the product.


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