Friday, August 28, 2009

Unconventional Furniture Solutions

I have mentioned in this post before that I flipped a desk hutch upside down to use as a TV console. Using this unconventional idea possibly turned a costly furniture item into a very inexpensive one. Now whenever I am browsing furniture stores, I always try to envision ways I could use a piece other than its original purpose.

Take for instance this gorgeous hutch I recently saw at a local furniture store for just $99. Now envision this hutch flipped upside down and a changing pad on the long shelf. Wouldn't this make a perfect diaper changing table/storage for a baby's nursery?

I also saw this solid wood armoire top for the incredible price of $49. If you are handy with a miter saw, imagine flipping this piece over and adding some crown molding to the top and staining it to match. This would make a beautiful storage cabinet in someone's kitchen, office, craft room, etc.

So next time you see an incredible piece at a great price, think of alternate ways to use the piece in your home.

1 comment:

Julia said...

What an awesome idea! I wish I had thought of something like this before.


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