Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hollow Macrame Balls Gone Wrong!

Not all projects I start turn out exactly like I envisioned them so I thought I would share with you a project that went a different direction along the way. I was so inspired by Maryann's Hollow Jute Twine Balls over at Domestically Speaking , that I decided to try to create my own version.
Instead of using jute, I spotted this macrame braid cord at Hobby Lobby and I thought the colors would be perfect in my Family Room. Initially, I had concerns about the thickness of this cord, but I figured enough glue should harden it - Right?

So, I went about using the same process Maryann described and blew up a balloon and wrapped the macrame cord that had been soaking in Shimmer Mod Podge mixed with a little water around the balloon. I also repeated the same process using some tiny leather strips I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I then set it aside to dry. I still had a nagging concern that the macrame ball might not shape correctly because of the thickness of the cord, but it thought enough glue should harden it - Right?

WRONG! I popped the balloon, let it deflate and pulled it through the side. I then tried to arrange the macrame ball on the glass tray and it started to disassemble in my hands! I was left with a pile of shimmering, slightly stiff macrame cord. By the way, the leather ball turned out perfectly because the strips are so thin and lightweight that they took the shape of the balloon without a problem.

Not one to easily give up on a project and considering the fact that I bought 100 yards of macrame cord, I had to find a way to make this project work! Maryann mentioned in her post that she wrapped some jute around a styrofoam ball. I remembered that I had some styrofoam balls left over from another project gone wrong. Last Christmas, I decided I wanted to make large glittered Christmas tree ornaments from styrofoam balls. I didn't know at the time that some spray adhesives would melt foam! I still tried to glitter the half melted balls and they turned out horribly. I didn't totally give up on this project though - I just suspended it until the next year and I didn't throw away the balls because I thought they might come in useful one day. So, I used my low temp glue gun and glued the macrame cord tightly around the styrofoam ball.

As an added bonus, I loved the texture and color that the Shimmer Mod Podge gave the macrame ball that I am going to brush it on the other balls that hadn't been soaked in glue. In the above picture the one of the right is covered in Shimmer Mod Podge and on the left isn't. But in all actuality, Maryann's hollow jute twine balls are a very easy and fun project to do - if you use lighter materials than I did.


Cindy Harvey said...

I love that you posted about what had 'gone wrong'....it helps me to remember that most of us post our successes, sometimes leaving me feeling a bit, um, creative-challenged. Wouldn't it be fun to have a linky party showing our 'oops' projects? I think it would be a great learning thing too....hmmmm, might have to think about that. Really love your blog.

Katy said...

too cute! great gift idea too!!

Julia said...

You have some lovely projects on your blog. I've enjoyed looking through it. I love you pumpkin house numbers.

Anonymous said...

Glad you persisted - they turned out great! Have a good weekend...

Its So Very Cheri said...

No problem on the knife cutting tool. I hope you post more of your fabulousness and be sure to sign up for the give-a-way --- amazing gifts.



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