Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bargain Find of the Week

This week's bargain find wasn't found in a store, but in my garage! I found these Christmas decorations that I purchased at Garden Ridge in late January of this year for 90% off. I had completely forgotten about these items and stored them away with my other Christmas decorations and moved them to my new home in April. While organizing the garage I stumbled across a receipt totaling $6.93 for various Christmas items. I started going through bins and I felt like I was shopping in my garage. I found 2 bundles of 9-ft pre-lit garland, 2 7-ft bow Christmas tree toppers and a couple of berry picks. As much as possible, I try to purchase seasonal decor items after the season is over for 90% off. So I always get to shop my stored items in the following season. I can't wait to find creative ways to incorporate these items in my Christmas decor this year.

1 comment:

L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those items! Thanks for commenting on my wreath!


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