Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bargain Find of the Week


This week’s bargain find is this tall and slim apothecary jar that I picked up from Hobby Lobby for $6.90. It was originally priced at $19.99. Not a rock bottom price, but probably one of the cheapest clear glass apothecary jars I have found in a very long time. I plan to collect more of these in various shapes and sizes and use them as a Christmas centerpiece on my dining room table. I think a grouping of these would look fabulous filled with glass Christmas ornaments!


Wes and Tracy said...

Aren't these great?! I recently purchased some of these at Marshalls for $7.99 each. Not as good of deal as you got, but if you have a Marshalls in your area you can usually find these (in a few different sizes and shapes) for pretty darn cheap. I think I have also seen them at TJ Max and Homegoods. The ones at Homegoods were much more expensive.

Blessings, Tracy

L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

They are going to look FABULOUS on the table with ornaments! I had the same idea last year, but on my fire place mantle.


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