Friday, November 20, 2009

O’ Christmas Tree! Part I - Ribbon

This is Part I in a series of posts detailing how I decorate my Christmas tree. I usually try to wait until Thanksgiving day to put up the tree, but after I ventured out last night for the first time in almost two weeks I was surprised to see how many Christmas decorations were already up – commercial and residential. So since I am moving slower than usual due to the surgery, I figured I should start early so I could be finished by Thanksgiving.


I start with an artificial 6.5 ft pre-lit slim Christmas tree. This tree is so easy to put up. The branches are prehinged and the tree comes in three sections. I easily attach the sections and the lights, the hinged branches fall in place and with a little fluffing of the tips, the tree is ready to decorate. I took me about 5 minutes total!


The first item I use to decorate the tree is ribbon. I love different types of wired ribbon that can be twisted and shaped in various ways. I bought this ribbon from a local Christmas decorating store and it is the only items in my Christmas decor that I didn’t make or buy in a post Christmas sale and paid full price for. They costs about $12.95 - $14.95 for a 10 yard roll. I love them and have reused them over and over for a couple of years now.


I use the tips of the tree to hold the ribbon in place.



I don’t have a specific set of rules here. I just start intertwining the ribbon throughout the tree. Since all of the ribbon is wired it is easy to shape and twist the ribbon different ways. I just keep going until it appears that the tree is adequately covered in ribbon.



Next – Using nontraditional ornaments/filler to decorate the Christmas tree.


Michele said...

LOVE your decorating style!!! I also like the golds and browns. The tree is beautiful! said...

I love the copper color... my mom uses copper in her decorating and it is always so unexpected but beautiful!

Turley Times said...

Looks beautiful so far!! I love the tall and slim trees better than the more squat ones. I think that's what mine is like...I say "think" because I bought it last year and don't remember what it looks like! :) I'll find out tonight, I'm going to start decorating too! Have fun with your decorating!


Adrianna said...

The ribbon you used is so beautiful. They made me notice your curtains, which I absolutely love! The colors are so rich.

Hopeful Housewife said...

I love the slim trees! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Dayka said...

I need a slim tree SO BAD--this big one isn't cutting it anymore, since I have to move furniture to get it up and in the front window. I always use ribbon, but never thought of using 3 different textures--I love it.

L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

Jealous much? Why yes I am!!! Never thought of a slim tree with the mammoth I have! Love the ribbon. I can't wait to see the rest!

Symone's Mommy said...

That looks SO pretty already. I'm coming over for Part II!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you.. thank you.. thank you!

cmluvs2stamp said...

very pretty!! Thanks


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