Sunday, November 15, 2009

Splurge of the Year

Umbria Chest

Umbria Wine Cabinet

Since I haven’t been able to do any bargain shopping this week due to my surgery, I thought I would share the story behind my splurge purchase of the year instead of my bargain purchase of the week.

In the past I had always done the matching bedroom sets with the bed and nightstands and dresser and mirror, but I was so over that now. I lived in apartments with ample closet space so I came to realize that I only needed minimal bedroom furniture. My two key pieces other than a bed was bedside chests to sit reading lamps, etc… and store some personal items such as books and extra toiletries and somewhere to place the TV opposite the bed that included drawers to store miscellaneous items from pockets and handbags.

When I saw these two mirrored pieces in Z Gallerie almost two years ago, I immediately liked them and I knew that they were what I wanted for my master bedroom. I loved the idea of adding glamour to a bedroom with the use of mirrored furniture and I loved that the pieces are so versatile. If I ever wanted new bedroom furniture, that mirrored chest would look perfect in an entryway and the the wine cabinet could be used for its intended purpose in a dining room.

The only thing that held me back from immediately purchasing the pieces were the prices. The chest was $699 and the wine cabinet was $899. A little more than my frugal self wanted to spend. I had seen Z Gallerie do pretty good price cuts on some of their furniture before, so I figured if I waited long enough the price may be reduced enough and I can swoop in for the purchase. Well I waited. And waited…

And Miley Cyrus bedroom was featured in In Style magazine and what do I see next to her bed. My mirrored chests! And guess what happened soon after that. The price of the chests went from $699 to $799! Coincidence? NOT! I had waited over a year and the price of the chests went up $100 instead of down. Since my fondness for the mirrored pieces hadn’t dwindled even after all that time, I decided to take the plunge and buy them anyway.


At $799 each, I still couldn’t bring myself to buy 2 of the mirrored chests, so I purchased one and decided to use a round table on the other side of the bed. But there is too big of a height difference and it looks disproportionate, so I must find another option.


I suppose as a consolation for the chest going up in price, the wine cabinet had went down in price to $799 by the time I purchased both pieces. I do want to find a way to conceal the wine racks. I thought about using mirrored or frosted spray paint on the glass doors, but I don’t want to make a permanent change to them. I may try stainless steel contact paper on the glass to give the appearance of a mirrored inset. Any other ideas?

West Elm Narrow Leg Bed Frame

To compensate for the splurge, everything else in the bedroom is going to be completed on a tight budget. I purchased this very sturdy king size bed frame from West Elm on sale for under $250.

Restoration Hardware Jameson Bed

I plan to build an upholstered headboard to duplicate the Jameson Upholstered Bed from Restoration Hardware. I may also upholster the side rails of the West Elm bed frame to look more like the Jameson bed.



Eddie Ammonds Master Suite

I purchased this accent chair from Homegoods for $75 to use in the corner of the room by the closet. I also found a $5 can of Oops paint in this rich chocolate color that I am thinking about using. Dayka posted this picture of designer Eddie Ammonds’ master bedroom that really sparked my interest. I love the idea of doing an entire upholstered wall behind the bed in a lighter color and a rich chocolate on the rest of the walls. I think that would alleviate my fears of the room becoming too cave like.


I will sew my own duvet using this chocolate and white damask fabric I bought online. I will compliment it with this quilted coverlet I purchased on clearance from Target last year. I also bought an extra twin size coverlet to make pillows and a table skirt. I am still trying to decide on an extra accent color to change out seasonally.

So in my opinion, I think it is okay to splurge on an item that you really really want as long as you can truly afford it and it doesn’t cause you any guilt after purchasing it. I have no regrets about my splurge purchase and currently they are the only decor items in my bedroom that make me smile – but I am going to be change that soon enough.


Dayka said...

Loved this post! I think it's fine to buy a splurge it you can really afford it, and you know there will be no regrets. I think it's always good to combine expensive (if you can) with inexpensive, so I like it. The contact paper should be interesting--can't wait to see what it looks like. I have my room painted a dark brown, and I really love it. I only have one have one window in my room, though, and I wish I had 2 to have more natural light, but I don't, so I use white curtains and white accessories. It's still a work in progress, but I'll have to share it one day. Hope you're feeling well today!

L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

I love this post too. First of all, I have a love afair with Z gallerie! And I remember when I went in there to purchase my coffee table and side tables for my living room. I had my sister-in-law with me and she freaked out with total! When I say freaked out, I mean she was overly upset/bothered by te fact that I was willing to pay that much for some tables. I love my tables. I say get what you want sometimes. Great choices too girl cause I love your pieces.

And the frosted glass spray may be better for you. Our house had it on the windows and I scraped it off with a "scrapper thing" and windex.

janna said...

I really like your splurge! I just can't believe the price went up just because it was seen in Miley Cyrus' bedroom!

Room to Inspire said...

Great post - I can't believe they went UP in price! These are beautiful and a great splurge, especially since you love them. I can't wait to see how your room turns out - I am working on our master re-do right now as well.


Mayhem and Moxie said...

I think going after a big splurge is a great idea. Especially if you can bring the rest of your room together...on a budget...and still have it look as fabulous as you have planned.

Can't wait to see how this all comes together!

Adrianna said...

I bet your room is going to be so glam when you finish! I can't wait to see it. And the mirrored pieces are every girls dream, well at least this ones :o)

Anonymous said...

O my ! You do know what you want!! The brown will be so pretty! and you new furniture purchase is WOW! I do like that upholstered wall in the inspiration picture- I can't wait to see how your room all comes together! You'll have to take a picture with you standing on your bed!


Leigh Ann said...

Great splurge, just beautiful! Crazy that it went UP in price. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment about my bathroom. I just finished the floor tonight.
Leigh Ann

tamaralynn said...

Hi, I happened upon this post while browsing blog-o-sphere. If you still haven't done anything to hide the wine racks and you want the frosted look you can use the "clear" contact paper. It give a frosted look that can be peeled right off. I've seen this done a lot, like on doors that have a big window and they want more privacy.


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